Immortal came out of the contact group on Donbass

Бессмертный вышел из контактной группы по Донбассу

Immortal will no longer participate in negotiations on the Donbass

Ukrainian peregovory out of the Minsk process.

The representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of Donbass Roman Bezsmertny said that decided to stop working negotiator. He told this in an interview with European truth.

“I thought to myself and informed all involved – from those involved in the technological support of the process, and to the President, that completes this stage in my life. I’m out of the Minsk process and I will not continue to participate in volunteering on this diplomatic field,” said the Immortal.

He noted that the political sub-group was supposed to start working after it has been provided with a security component. But in practice, the first items of the Minsk agreements have not been implemented yet.

Immortal said that at the moment Ukraine in the subgroup represent Volodymyr Horbulin and the speaker.

Note subgroup of the Contact group on Donbass were created last spring.

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