Import of cars in Ukraine has increased dramatically

Импорт автомобилей в Украину резко вырос

The number of imported cars in Ukraine has increased dramatically

In the first quarter of this year imported 80 per cent more cars compared to the same period last year.

The number imported into Ukraine of passenger cars in the first quarter of this year amounted to 28.9 million units, which is 80 percent higher than in the same period last year, according to Ukrautoprom.

It is noted that in just three months, the country has imported cars into 416,9 million dollars, and the average price for one of these cars fell by more than 2 thousand dollars, amounting to 14.4 thousand dollars.

However, the average cost per vehicle has decreased due to the fact that this year bring more of the supported machines.

“If in 2016 the total volume of import cover, only 27 per cent, while this year 42 percent” – speak in Ukravtoprom.

It is also reported that most cars imported from Germany – more than 7.1 thousand units, but the share of new cars in the imports from Germany amounted to only 27 percent.

The second place in import of cars occupied Japan with 3.2 thousand cars, most of which are new – 92 percent.

We will remind, last month it was reported that the number of imported cars in Ukraine increased by 65 percent, and the average price of imported cars fell by almost 3 thousands of dollars.

And last fall it was reported that sales of electric cars in Ukraine also increased significantly.