Imports of vegetables to Ukraine has increased seven times

Импорт овощей в Украину вырос в семь раз

The price of borsch set also increased

Most increased the imports of carrots and beetroot.

In January-March 2016 the volume of imports of traditional vegetables (potatoes, onions, cabbage, carrots and beets) grew by almost 7 times compared with the same period of 2015. The largest increase was in imports of carrots and beetroot – to 34-fold (to 5.8 thousand tons 169 tons a year earlier), was reported in Association “Ukrainian club of agrarian business”.

Volume of imported potatoes has increased four times (up to 2.1 thousand tons 513 tons), cabbage – almost doubled (to 1.1 thousand tons 584 tons), a quarter of onion (up to 2.2 thousand tons to 1.8 thousand tons).

The cost of a traditional set at the end of the first quarter of the current year (compared with the same period of 2015) has grown almost in one and a half times – up to 43,68 UAH 29,48 USD.

As reported Корреспондент.net, from 22 to 29 March, the prices of vegetables and fruit in Ukraine has increased significantly, the leader from all regions of Kiev remains the Capital market.

Ukraine has banned the import of salads and cabbage from Spain