In 2019 sharply increased spending on pensions – PFC

В 2019 году резко выросли расходы на пенсии - ПФУ

Revenue growth of the Pension Fund allowed to repay loans

Revenues of the Pension Fund in January-February increased by almost 60% and amounted to UAH 64.4 billion.

For the first two months of the year 2019 funding the Pension Fund from the state budget has increased 2.5 times from UAH 11.7 billion to 29 billion. This is stated on the Foundation’s website.

Own revenues of the Fund increased by 23.3% to UAH 35.4 billion

Overall revenues of the Pension Fund in January-February from all sources of financing amounted to 64.4 billion UAH, which is 59% more income for the same period of 2018.

According to PFC, his total costs of pensions and other benefits for the period increased by 20.5% up to 62.9 billion UAH 52.2 billion UAH (excluding 9.9 billion UAH in pensions January 2018, financed in December 2017).

This allowed the PFC in January-February this year to repay the Treasury bills loans to 17 billion UAH in the volume of their involvement during this period to 15.5 billion UAH, whereas in January-February 2018 the redemption amount was only 6.8 billion UAH in the volume of borrowings to UAH 16.9 bn.

Earlier, the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva said that in 2016 the income of the Pension Fund has increased from 112 to 230 billion.


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