In a big way. How to pay less for purchases

На широкую ногу. Как платить меньше за покупки

How to save in Ukraine

Reporter understood, how to pay less for food, clothing and shoes, where to find discounts and not to abandon the usual benefits.

High prices for goods and services forced Ukrainians to save. Many are cutting costs, trying to find a replacement for costly imports among domestic producers, writes Paul Kharlamov in №19 of the Magazine Correspondent.

But to save on purchases, not necessarily to put teeth on the shelf. Promotions, discounts and sales, food fairs, festivals and “coupon” system to help spend less on consumer goods, leisure and travel. But clothes and shoes can be ordered from foreign online shops or to go shopping in Europe. In days of sales, even big-name brands dropping prices on their stuff up to 70-80%. In Ukraine such discounts usually takes tiny and huge dimensions, or even some illiquid and marriage. At Salem in Europe — a wide choice and the opportunity to update your wardrobe for almost a third of the price.

Delicious discounts

Food in Ukraine is still possible to buy relatively cheap. The main thing — to know the place. Large supermarkets and grocery stores regularly hold promotions and sales on certain groups of goods. Most often, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, cereals and pasta, are less frequently found in coffee and tea, meat. But if you’re lucky to catch such action, the discount can reach 30-40%. By the way, often shops dropping prices for goods whose expiry date. Remains two or three days — and the value immediately drops by 20-30%. If you do not buy such products a lot, and “time to eat”, such a purchase can be quite a wise decision.

It is advantageous to participate in the so-called Clubs of regular customers. This store gives a special card. It allows you to collect bonuses after a certain period of time (monthly or quarterly) to convert them into a real discount. The second option is a discount card. The discount on this card depends on the amount of purchases. The more often a person buys something in the store and the more money he spends there, the higher the discount. But usually it does not exceed 5-7%. In very rare cases it could be 10%.

Good saving option — markets, bazaars and visiting the fair. In Kiev such fairs are held regularly in different districts at the weekend. The markets indeed significantly cheaper. Especially in harvest season in spring, summer and early autumn. Compared to the stores the price difference can be 1.5-2 times. Moreover, vegetables and fruits in the market mostly open ground, while in supermarkets, even in summer often sell greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, berries that taste much worse than garden.

However, the quality of the products on the market stable — a lot depends on the seller. And it is desirable to find a couple of outlets, which is not guaranteed body kit and not sell the fruits and vegetables with a high content of chemicals.

The difference in the value of dairy products and meat between markets and stores is not that big, somewhere between 10-20%. And although there is a perception that the market meat is more natural, there is one important fact. To find out the origin of chicken, beef or pork purchased on the market, is almost impossible. So, we cannot be sure that the meat is fresh and has passed all the necessary tests. In supermarkets, of course, there are also products with “smell”. But at least there can be someone to claim. Besides, the major networks value their reputation and will meet the offended customer.

Shopping for all

Clothes, shoes and accessories you can buy discount relatively cheap in Ukraine. In seasonal sales during Christmas holidays and end of summer discounts up to 50-70%,

Besides, our country has many European and American brands. Recently H&M has honored us with his presence, opening its first store. And on October 18 the company will open a second store in the capital shopping Mall. So the lack of range.

But you need to understand that all these things are imported, they are purchased for hard currency. This means that their price in our country is made up of the cost (spent materials and the invested human labor), transportation and surcharges from local sellers. Accordingly, even if the Ukrainian shop that sells Columbia, Ecco or Zara, will make a discount, the price is still likely to be higher than in the company store, the “homeland”. And it is no secret that Ukraine is represented in the collection, to put it mildly, incomplete.

Therefore, many Ukrainians prefer to update your wardrobe abroad. For example, travel to Europe, combining tourism or business trip, with planned shopping. Especially with the introduction of bezveza it has become much easier.

Sales in the EU is a mass phenomenon. In Rome’s summer sales lasts from early July to late August, winter — early January to late February. In Milan, from July to September and January to March. Paris summer sales peak falls on early August, and winter — January-February. In Germany, the winter sales start two weeks before Christmas and lasts until the end of January, summer begins in late June.

In the first days of sales discounts is relatively small — up to 20-30%. A couple of weeks later prices drop by 40-50%, and at the end of the sale up to 70-80%. So Calvin Klein jeans for 20 Euro and Italian bag genuine leather for 40-50 Euro is not fiction. The only drawback is that the closer the final sales — the smaller sizes left. This should be considered even in the EU.

By the way, some tour operators even organise shopping tours. And for 300-600 euros you can fly for a couple of days in Milan, Paris or Munich. What else is nice: before returning home at the airport can be issued tax free. This VAT refund, which is included in the price of goods. Depending on the country and purchases tax free size can range from 4% to 25%.

На широкую ногу. Как платить меньше за покупки


The house — the

However, for shopping it is not necessary to go somewhere or fly. Fortunately almost all can be found in online stores and auctions. Amazon, eBay, 6pm, Macy’s, Overstock, Zappos, Carters, Walmart, Aliexpress — the list goes on.

The advantage of Internet shops is obvious. The range is not inferior to what is in the large shopping centers. And the prices are often lower. This applies both to the clothes, shoes and accessories, and household items and portable electronics and home appliances.

Some stores and did spetsializiruyutsya on sales. In fact, it online outlets. Both mono-and multi-brand. In the US popular The Outnet, J. Crew Factory mentioned already 6pm in Europe — the German outlet Dress-for-less, which contains a variety of well-known brands such as Gant, Geox, Mustang, to fit out its, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Tom Tailor, U. S. Polo Assn. Outlets discounts at 50-70%. Although the sales periods plenty of offers at a discount in the usual online stores.

At a good price you can buy clothes, shoes and household goods in online auctions. The largest, of course, eBay. So how many sellers there are individuals, then the cost is much lower than in stores. In addition, there is a chance to find items from past collections and all sorts of rarities.

And, despite the fact that to the cost of foreign purchases added shipping, it’s still profitable. Especially because there are intermediary companies that organize the delivery directly to Ukraine. For Example, Meest. The shipping cost is quite reasonable, averaging from $5 to $15 per kilogram.

But with electronics (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) abroad is not so clear. Often at the start of sales of new products are more expensive there than in Ukraine. If our country brand and its products are available officially, Ukrainian price may be lower. Even with the warranty from the manufacturer. But on the same eBay or Aliexpress profitable to buy the gadgets to our country has not reached or has been removed from production. In this case, the price can be 20-30% lower than through dealers in Ukraine.

A coupon with a surprise

You can save and the services. One way to find discount coupons. Let the boom in group buying already passed, the coupon system is still alive. Such as Pokupon, Skydock, Superdeal. The essence of their work lies in the fact that the visitor can purchase goods or services with a significant discount (sometimes up to 90-95%). But for this he needs to buy a coupon and make it until the event ended, which can last several days and only a couple of hours.

Often through a system of coupons to attract customers young companies. New hotels and travel agencies, the newly opened Spa salons, hairdressing and restaurants. Therefore the buyer assumes some risk that his bad service, rude or he did not receive the expected service. But cheap. Thanks to the coupon you can go for three days in the Carpathians, paying UAH 1.600, 2.500 and not UAH. Or buy a gym membership for 12 months for 1.500 5.600 UAH is UAH.

Travel is beneficial

On foreign travel, too you can save up to 30-50%. First, buy the tours in advance. For the winter — in early autumn, and summer — first days of spring, and even winter. Early booking is almost always good discounts. This rule is applicable while booking hotels through services like Booking or Agoda.

Second, it makes sense to catch tours. When the travel Agency is an urgent need to equip the group to send her to the resort, it can cut the initial price by half.

Quite possible to pay less for air travel. For example, to look for tickets with long stopovers between flights or to choose low-cost airlines, which fly into remote airports. Only in Western Europe there are a couple of dozen budget carriers, whose tickets cost from 15-20 euros. Is WizzAir, Ryanair, EasyJet, Pegasus, Eurowings, AirBaltic, Transavia. Yes, it is less convenient, but cheaper.

Always much cheaper than a flight with a connection. For example, a direct flight Kiev — Rome will cost about a third more expensive than flights with a stopover in Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam or Frankfurt. However, the dock may be long and the start and finish of travel at an awkward time, when it is not serviced by public transport. And two taxi rides — to and from the airport is a plus 60-100 euros.

Many airlines have regular sales of tickets. If you’re lucky to get on this action, the cost can be 1.5-2 times lower. You can save 30-50% of the price, if you buy a ticket in advance. For example, in six months or a year. And it does not need to constantly monitor the websites of the airlines. There are services of search and booking of tickets (Skyscanner, Momondo, Anywayanyday), which is much easier to catch a discount.


Know where cheaper

Vera Novikova

In recent years, I rarely visit Kiev shops of clothes and shoes. Almost all for my family to buy online in the States with delivery to Ukraine. Clothes take on Old Navy, shoes at 6pm, so many things on Amazon. Baby clothes — Carters and Children’s Place. By the way, some of these stores is to go through the vpn. This allows you to see the us version of the site, the prices under their users, and often opens up additional sections on the website. For example, school uniforms at the Children’s Place is unavailable to users from Ukraine. All of this saves me not only the family budget but also the nerves when shopping. Of recent purchases — first-graders backpack, camera replacement Registrar and Board game Clubs at work. By the way, with the Registrar an interesting story. Our bought on Amazon over two years ago the Registrar came into disrepair. It has failed the internal battery. But since the warranty period has ended, the manufacturer has offered a discount of 60% of the cost of a new Registrar. In another situation, when Old Navy were unable to send one small things, except they apologies were given an additional 10% discount above other discounts on their website, which ultimately offsets the cost of delivery of goods to Ukraine.

Natalia Solovyova

In the United States and China to buy still be profitable. Although, due to the fact that prices have increased, and we dipped the hryvnia, the most tangible savings on branded stuff. In America I have a cell on Meest (now almost all they use) with the address where I sent purchase, there they are collected in one package and sent to Ukraine. Sometimes the shops hold shares and can be issued relatively cheap shipping directly. But often it is more expensive.

Real discount for branded quality items when you purchase them in the United States can reach 80%. For example, the popular brand Michael Kors clothing gives 70% discount on bags — up to 40%. There are more closed sales. There used to be many, now few left. But there are really nice things at deep discounts.

Vladislav Bovsunovskiy

I was in Kiev in the summer I bought Adidas sneakers for 200 UAH. One sneaker stood at the window and slightly burned, so the price was so low. Just over the summer I bought three pairs of “illiquid” shoes at the price of 200-400 UAH. The funny thing is that a week later after wearing the color of each pair was the same. In General, Ukraine has a lot of flow [of sales]. In the summer, for example, in Intertape bought for 3 thousand UAH three branded winter jackets. Such prices, even in Europe there. On the same shaft OLX used clothes, worn once or twice tops. And for those who have small children (grow quickly and for a long time buying makes no sense), is a good solution. Recently found in the shop on the left Bank [of Kyiv] brand Italian leather coat, just like I sewn on, and for only 3 thousand UAH. Wife, however, said that it is not me. But the coat is really cool, there are only ten thousand is. Intermediaries are not interested in two years — makes no sense. The main flagship stores are already working with Ukraine directly.

Alexander Makarenko

I’ve been buying footwear brand Saucony. I am satisfied with the ratio “price — quality”. An additional plus — this manufacturer has a program of exchange of old shoes on new. This year I bought another pair of sneakers. And even didn’t try them. And the old sneakers I decided to leave myself. So, just a couple of weeks of wearing the inscription on the insole has completely worn off. For comparison, on the same sneakers that I purchased a year and a half ago, wear significantly less. In addition, when a person buys the same shoes, he expects to receive the same level of comfort. Because and patterns, and block, the idea is the same. But the new sneakers for a quarter of the size was larger than usual. The reason is that the major manufacturers (and this is speculation) there is an internal division of the lineup for different markets. Therefore, the quality of performance greatly depends on the country, the targeted clothes or shoes. And the same model, bought in USA, Europe or us, will be very different. So my wife and I are seriously thinking about getting the ability to shop abroad.