In a fairy tale: snow-covered island.

В гостях у сказки: заснеженная Хортица

Photo snowy Khortitsa

Zaporozhye photographer has shared pictures of snowy Khortytsia. Photo fantasy landscapes with Islands post, and other users of the Network.

Photographer from Zaporozhye Alexey Tolmachev has posted on his page in Facebook pictures taken on the island of Khortytsia. After heavy snowfalls scenery of the island reminiscent of an illustration to a winter Wonderland.

The author signed his work “visiting the fairytale”.

The photographer took a walk “through the magical snow Khortytsya” from the beam Naumova Sich to the gate, passing through the khortitskiy maze.

Network users under the post photographer started to share your photos of winter island.

В гостях у сказки: заснеженная Хортица

Photo snow Hortitsa from Network users (photo:

Another inhabitant of Zaporozhye – Anton Nefedov also shared exciting photos from their trips on the island.

Photo Reese Witherspoon with three legs amused the Network