In a landfill near the city of three of the rescuers rolled the trash, we are searching for – Goschs

На свалке возле Львова троих спасателей привалило мусором, ведутся поиски, - ГосЧС

Three employees of the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations (SES) rolled a garbage dump near the city, and now there are search and rescue operations. This was announced by the head of the press service of the main Department of state service for emergency situations in the Lvov area Vitaly Turovtsev, writes “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“About half an hour ago, three of our employees were inspected on scene of the fire at the dump in Hrybovychi. A landslide occurred and they were under him,” said Turovtsev.

According to him, at the scene were employees of the SES, who immediately started to look for colleagues. At this time the additional forces arrived.

“Involving maximum number of employees, we conduct the search,” said Turovtsev.

He suggested that the reason collapse can be a two-day fire at the dump, which burned the lower layers of debris, which subsequently led to the landslide.

We will remind that this morning reported that a fire that originated at the dump yesterday, this morning already extinguished. Garbage burned area of 2 thousand sq. m. In the absence of landfills near water sources for fire extinguishing fire main has been laid, the line length of about 3 km and of organized water supply by water-carriers from a distance of 5 km.