In Alabama, the car crashed into a convoy of school orchestra: 12 people have been Tr

В Алабаме автомобиль врезался в колону школьного оркестра: 12 человек получили трамвы

In Alabama in the United States of America, the car drove into the procession, causing injuries to 12 people. This publication reports CNN.

According to the publication, the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon in Gufl shores during the festive procession during the celebration of Mardi Gras. The incident occurred during the procession of the orchestra of the high school Gufl shores. As a result of collision of the vehicle under the control of the 74-year-old men, four members of the school band was seriously injured.

The police say that they consider the incident an accident, as in blood of the motorist was not revealed traces of alcohol or drugs. “Everything points to the fact that it was a tragic accident,” said the chief of police of the city of Gufl shores ed Delmar.

Earlier during carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one of the platforms crashed into a guardrail, injuring 20 people.

Also in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA) in a crowd of people, who were spectators of the parade, drove the car. At least 28 people were injured and 21 hospitalized

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