In ANPU will offer a liberal tax code for Tsykov

The taxpayers Association of Ukraine initiated the liberalization of the tax legislation for the IT sector. Today we signed a Memorandum with the law firm Juscutum that specializiruetsya on the right in the field of IT.

The parties will jointly develop changes to the existing Tax code and will offer to the consideration of the relevant committees lie. The amendments will take into account the experience of foreign industrial parks, as well as the opportunities and the specifics of the industry in Ukraine. “Very important for us the Memorandum we signed today. We expect that now we are able not only successfully to defend the interests of IT companies – members of our Association, but also to increase their number as part of the APPU. In parallel, we want to start the process of creating and adopting a new, liberal Tax code, which will reflect the interests of including IT market. This will open up huge opportunities to the economy of Ukraine”, — said the head of APPU Grigol Katamadze.

Among other things, the new tax law will help to shift the focus of outsourcing to increase revenues in the budget, and also stop the skills drain. According to various estimates, during the years of independence of Ukraine has already left about 50 thousand Tsykov. “In today’s competitive world without borders we can’t force IT professionals to leave the country. So we see the main task of the Committee to study the most competitive IT market tax system in a progressive country and propose them for implementation here in Ukraine. This will help us Juscutum company, which is renowned for its successful legal practice in the field of IT. Favorable tax system – the only possible anchor and magnet for IT companies,” — said the head of the IT Committee of the Association Valeriy Omelchenko.

For its part, the managing partner at yuskutum Artem Afian added that the company’s experience will help not only simplify, but also to modernize the Tax code: “In the present it is impossible to find the word “blockchain”, there is no integration in this “app” is only to the contract. It is very important that the state machine was able to find an approach to such a delicate sphere as information technology. And you need to start with taxes.”