In Antarctica found the corpses of extinct hundreds of years ago penguins

В Антарктиде нашли трупы вымерших сотни лет назад пингвинов

Chinese scientists have discovered hundreds of mummies penguins buried under the snow on the coast of East Antarctica.

Scientists from China discovered under the snows on the coast of East Antarctica, the Peninsula is a long, hundreds of mummies penguins, reports the Journal of Geophysical Research.

Experts from the University of science and technology found abandoned colonies of Adelie penguins (one of the most common types). There were found the remains of birds who died about 750 years ago.

Scientists believe that the penguins died EN masse due to climate change. A large amount of summer precipitation and the melting of snow could lead to hypothermia penguins.

According to zoologists, today on the penguins under threat of extinction, as climate conditions change.

Earlier it was reported that because of global warming the world’s largest colony of king penguins has decreased by 90 percent. In 2016, the iceberg led to the death of the population of 150 thousands of Adelie penguins of the population of Cape Denison.

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