In Antarctica noticed a strange movement of the iceberg

В Антарктиде заметили странное перемещение айсберга

Glacier turned 90 degrees

The block of ice comparable in size to a half Jamaican, turned counterclockwise 90 degrees.

Scientists recorded the movement of the giant iceberg A-68, a breakaway from the ice shelf, Larsen C, near the Antarctic Peninsula. Block of ice comparable in size with the half of the island of Jamaica. She turned 90 degrees counterclockwise for July and August. This writes Gizmodo.

The reason for this is pretty quick turn experts still can not explain.

It is known that the area A-68 is 5.8 thousand square kilometers. The mass of around one trillion tonnes.

Iceberg several times clinging to the seabed and were sedentary, since you broke away from the glacier Larsen C. However, over the past two weeks for unknown reasons he turned 10 degrees, and two weeks before that – 30 degrees.

Earlier it was reported that the Earth’s largest iceberg has completely melted soon. Block of ice broke off from a glacier in 2000.

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