In Antarctica was found a 106-year-old pie

В Антарктике был найден 106-летний пирог

106 years of pie in the tin box found in the Antarctic

Scientists commented that the smell and it “almost edible”.

New Zealand scientists from the heritage Foundation Antarctic found 106 years of pie in a hut located at Cape Adair, reports MICEtimes. The fruitcake was made by the British confectionery firm Huntley & Palmers. It was wrapped in paper and placed in a tin box.

No doubt this will spark debate about who likes fruit cake…@InspireExplore conservators find 106 yr old fruit cake in hut in #antarctica

— Antarctic Heritage (@InspireExplore) 10 Aug 2017

Foundation staff noted that the box was discovered in a poor state, but the dessert not only in appearance, but the smell, was “almost edible”.

It is assumed that the pie was part of the provisions of the Northern party of the expedition, “Terra Nova”. That is, the participants lived on the Cape Adair.

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