In Argentina found the remains of an ancient giant sloth

В Аргентине нашли останки древнего гигантского ленивца

Seaside General-Alvarado-rich skeletons of ancient animals

The remains were discovered by a family from the city of Miramar, strolling along the shore. Find fossil bones helped by strong tide.

On the coast of Argentina discovered the remains of a giant sloth that lived on Earth 700 million years ago. On Saturday, December 15, reports TASS with reference to the municipality of General Alvarado, where a discovery was made.

The remains found the family from the city of Miramar, strolling along the shore. They took the fossils to the city Museum and showed on the map the location of their discovery.

It is noted that the coast General Alvarado rich skeletons of animals that lived on Earth thousands or millions of years ago, and for their detection it is enough to look carefully at his feet.

Find the fossilized bones of a giant sloth helped by strong tide. Usually, the area where were found the remains, including the jaw of an ancient Scelidoterios, is under water.

Scelidoterios lived in the era of the late Pleistocene. The weight of an adult sloth exceeded a ton. These animals were elongated skull, large body and large claws with which they dug huge holes under the ground.

Previously, scientists have found in Argentina giant dinosaur first. Ten-animal weighing about ten tons, was named Ingentia prima – “first giant”.

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