In Bakhchisarai has damaged the Khan’s Palace

В Бахчисарае повредили Ханский дворец

Repair has brought more harm

Repairers crane ruined the facade painting of the XVIII century

In the Crimea to the Khan’s Palace of Bakhchisaray are working, that destroys a historical monument. This Facebook said the journalist Osman Pashayev.

According to him, work is being done under the pretext of preparing for the 100th anniversary of the Museum, because of what the Palace was closed for 4 days.

“It is impossible to photograph, everywhere there is security, both in the area. With Bink Khan Jami (the Big Khan mosque in the Palace, one of the largest in the Crimea) took off all the tiles, threw her, and plan to take at Calais, they also took off the old oak beams, they were allegedly ate a bug. While shooting beam crane, damaged the facade painting of the XVIII century”, – said Pashayev.

The facade of the mosque from the street washed Karcher’ω, from which cracks appeared, and at the entrance of the gate plaster collapsed to the ground, visible masonry.

“This hole was immediately sealed with cement, was applied to the entire facade of the modern paint and putty”, – said Pashayev.

Also Karcher’ω washed the Alexander fountain from him and it fell apart, they slipped and painted with modern paint in white color.

“All painting is paint on the facades of ordinary workers, the restorers of the question. In place of the wall that collapsed in the Persian garden poured concrete. The project “reconstruction” around part of the Palace erected a metal structure with a roof, which then will close the roof of the premises of the hall of the Sofa, the Gold office and other premises,” he said.

We will remind, in the Crimea nationalized the Khan’s Palace.