In Balakleya ammunition continuing to explode

В Балаклее продолжают взрываться боеприпасы

The fire in warehouses in Balakleya eliminated, but there are some pockets of smoldering fire.

The fire in warehouses in Balakleya in Kharkiv region eliminated, as of morning March 25, a fixed unit detonate munitions that are still in the gardens of the Arsenal.

This is due to the presence of separate foci of smoldering fire, the press service of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

It is specified that work is constantly conducted and appropriate action taken to prevent re-ignition.

According to authorities, military engineers together with experts of gschs check the area for the presence of munitions that did not explode promptly respond to reports of residents about the dangerous findings.

Immediately arrive operative group who are engaged in the export of shells was found on in advance prepared sites.

Also, the city and the surrounding area working group civil-military cooperation the Armed forces of Ukraine, to help the population to overcome the consequences of the emergency.

Further elimination of consequences of the fire continue.

We will remind, the fire in military warehouses in Balakleya two people were injured, one died.