In Barcelona thousands of people protesting against a “separatist coup”

В Барселоне тысячи человек протестуют против "сепаратистского переворота"

Several thousand people take part in protests in Barcelona with the slogan “stop the separatist coup,” according to the newspaper Razon.

According to the newspaper, the rallies were organized by activists of the “Civil society of Catalonia” (SCC) under the slogan “For freedom, democracy and coexistence!”.

Reportedly, the protesters are moving towards the Central square, which is a building of the Catalan government.

“We are here to draw attention to the fact that democracy, coexistence and freedom are under threat because of the process that pose a danger to order and enforce the law”, – quotes the edition of words of the head of SCC josé Domingo. He added that these protests were organized to resist separatist movements and to stop “institutional coup”.

Recall, November 9, 2015 the Parliament of Catalonia adopted a resolution on independence from Spain, and the plan of separation from the country, which was later annulled by the constitutional court.

In Catalonia had hoped that their Declaration of independence allow to separate for 18 months.

During the local elections held in September in Catalonia, the majority of seats in local government were supporters of secession of the province from Spain. While the Spanish Constitution does not allow the separation of regions.

November 9, 2014 in Catalonia, a mass survey of the population on the region’s independence. Then for the independence of Catalonia voted 80% of the respondents (about 2 million of the Catalans). The Spanish government believes the survey is illegal and filed several lawsuits in the constitutional court.

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