In Belarus executed the second month convicted of triple murder

В Белоруссии казнили второго за месяц осужденного за тройное убийство

Sergei Chmielewski, who was shot in Belarus

In Belarus executed the death sentence against 31-year-old resident of the village machulishchy of the Minsk area Sergey Khmelevsky, who was convicted for the brutal murder of three people. The organization “human rights Defenders against death penalty in Belarus,” said the relatives of the executed, write “Belarusian news.”

This is the second shot convicted of the month and the third year, which became known.

The decision on the execution took Minsk regional court after a review of the criminal case, which informed the Chmielewski was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The family learned about the incident only after the shooting.

Chmielewski allegedly even filed a complaint against the verdict to the UN Committee on the rights of the person who requested the Belarusian authorities to postpone the execution of the convicted before the case to the UN.

Recall that on 28 November it became known that in Belarus executed the death sentence against a resident of the Lida district Ivan Kulesh, who was drunk killed three women.

And in may there appeared information about the execution of the inhabitant rechitsy, Sergei Ivanov, accused of cruel murder of the girl.