In Belarus showed a fragment of the interrogation Sharoika

В Беларуси показали фрагмент допроса Шаройко

Paul Sharoika

The correspondent of the Ukrainian radio is accused of espionage and the creation of a network of agents.

Broadcast channel REL showed a video of the interrogation of the detained Ukrainian journalist Paul Sharoika.

On account of the journalist indicated that he worked “undercover” and had contact with the counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine in Minsk Igor Skvortsov, which the KGB called his handler.

“In 2016, even when changing the operational supervisor I was transferred from the Department dealing with journalists, working undercover in a Department where there are diplomats under cover. What was the reason, I’m still unclear, I assume that this was done in anticipation of the visit to Belarus for the post of first Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine Colonel Skvortsov Igor Vasilyevich. Skvortsova I know at the time of service in Ukraine”, − he said.

Also shown footage of a search of the journalist, which were allegedly found copies of intelligence reports.

Earlier it was reported that Belarusian law enforcers have detained Sharoika, who is suspected of espionage.

The Belarusian KGB claimed that the detained Ukrainian journalist has established a network of agents and collecting information of an intelligence nature.

In addition, Belarus declared persona non grata adviser to the Ukrainian Embassy in Minsk Igor Skvortsov, who is accused of working “under cover”.

Ukrainian intelligence denied information of Belarus Sharoika