In Belgium the Red Bull stole almost €1 million

В Бельгии украли Red Bull почти на €1 млн

Thieves have taken about 300 pallets of Energizer

Thieves have taken about 300 pallets with energy, which is equivalent to 11 trucks. Taken them about 12 hours.

In Belgium unknown out of a warehouse in the industrial area LAR of the city of Menen, about 300 wooden pallets with the energy drink Red Bull in the amount of €950 thousand this is with reference to the Prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday, August 14, newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.

According to the Prosecutor, the thieves acted in a professional manner. They went through the CCTV system and making a few trips, took about 300 pallets of energy, equivalent to 11 trucks. Only the attackers took about 12 hours.

“Despite all security measures, this happened with one of our clients. Further delivery to our customers and partners will not be jeopardized,” assured the CEO of Jet Import, one of the largest liquor distributors, Stefan, Battens.

Now on the fact of theft by the local Prosecutor’s office began an investigation. The company has given the investigation of the serial numbers of all goods.

We will remind, earlier the performer Despacito robbed for 2 million euros.

Before that, it was reported that in Sweden, stole the crown of Charles IX.

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