In Bellingcat has published video evidence of the attacks of the Russian space forces on civilian targets in Syria

В Bellingcat опубликовали видеодоказательства атак ВКС России на гражданские объекты в Сирии

Expert and journalist group Bellingcat has collected and published the video evidence of the attacks of the Military Space forces of Russia on civilian targets in Syria. According to a press release from the activists, the database already has 1561 roller and will be updated.

The videos were shot in the period from 30 Sep 2015 to 13 Mar 2016.

As Bellingcat claims, the video captures moments of Russian attacks on hospitals, schools, markets, mosques, bakeries, factories, water infrastructure etc.

According to volunteers, they are not only trying to take video with the attacks, and recording of eyewitness accounts and footage of Russian aircraft flying, but also confirm the information found with data from other sources.

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We will remind, Russia conducted a military operation in Syria, 30 September 2015 at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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On March 14, the President of the Russian Federation gave the order to withdraw the main forces of the Russian group with the Syrian base.