In Berdyansk on the bus to go off the glass

В Бердянске у автобуса на ходу вылетело стекло

A passenger bus left without glass

The shard of ice hit the window of the bus. None of the passengers in the accident were not injured.

In Berdyansk on Saturday, December 1, in a bus travelling on route 13, was hit by a shard of ice. About it reports the local edition

As a result of hit of shrapnel in the window of the bus he was left without a side glass.

As the head of the Department of transport and communications of the city Executive Committee Irina Udovichenko, anybody from passengers has not suffered.

According to preliminary information, the splinter of ice that flew from under the wheels of another vehicle, hit the window of the bus. The bus will return to route after I replace the broken glass.



Earlier in Kiev during the movement of the bus fell off the door.

It was also reported that Odessa public bus directly while driving flew off a pair of rear wheels.


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