In Berdyansk two hackers sold sensitive data

В Бердянске двое хакеров продавали конфиденциальные данные

Hackers launched virus program that stole the keys of “e-wallets” of users and passwords from the mailbox. Later on closed forums was selling information at a price from 50 to $ 600.

Staff Bank Directorate of police and the security Service of Ukraine detained two residents on suspicion of spreading the virus with which they were stealing and selling confidential information. This is stated in the message of press-service of management of police.

According to authorities, 33-year-old and 18-year-old men suspected that they are using spamming and posting infected files on open resources to download spread the virus-type tool Stealer – Stealer.

Launching these files users automatically install for your device virus program that stole the keys of “e-wallets” of users and passwords from the mailbox.

Further suspects sell the information on underground hacker forums in price from 50 to $ 600.

During the searches at the place of residence of the men seized a laptop with a virus as well as other media and means of communication.

Investigators of the Berdyansk city police Department on this fact began criminal investigations on signs of part 2 of article 361-1 (Creation with the purpose of use, distribution or sale of harmful software or hardware, as well as their distribution or marketing) and part 2 of article 361 (Unauthorized intervention in work of computers, systems and computer networks) of the Criminal code.

Earlier it was reported that the Network found 700 million email addresses and passwords. Before Facebook reported about the leaked photos about seven million users. It was also reported that Google announced the data breach 52 million users because of an error.

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