In Berlin has partially banned the movement of diesel cars

В Берлине частично запретили движение дизельных авто

The court has partially banned the movement of diesel vehicles in Berlin

No later than mid-2019 11 major streets of Berlin to enforce the prohibition of the movement for old diesel vehicles with environmental class Euro-1 to Euro-5.

The administrative court in Berlin has ordered a ban on movement in certain areas of the German capital of diesel cars with emissions of nitrogen oxides in excess of the norm. This was stated by the judge Ulrich Martik on Tuesday, October 9.

So, by the end of July 2019, the Berlin government should introduce the relevant prohibition no less than 11 segments of major city streets.

Among these streets are part of Leipziger Strasse and Friedrichstrasse in Central Berlin. The ban will affect cars and trucks with diesel engines conforming to Euro-1 to Euro-5. The corresponding order of the Berlin Senate Department for the Affairs of transport should take until 31 March.

In addition, the authorities of Berlin have to check the possibility of a ban of the movement for old diesel car for a number of other streets with a total length of 15 km.

Earlier it was reported that since September, the countries of the European Union all new cars must pass tests WLTP, to meet the manufacturer’s standards of harmful emissions and fuel consumption.

Source: Russian service of DW


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