In Bolgrad on the place of Lenin put the monument to Russian General

В Болграде на месте Ленина поставили памятник российскому генералу

In the Odessa region was a monument to General Inzovo

This is the second monument to Ivan Inzovo in the southern districts of Odessa region.

In the district center Bolhrad in the Odessa region opened a monument to Russian General Ivan Inzovo, which at one time was a Trustee of the foreign colonists on the territory of Odessa region, reports UKRINFORM.

Bust of a tsarist General work of the sculptor Alexander Tokarev placed on a marble pedestal, on which was formerly a statue of Lenin. “General Inzovo – founder of Bolgrad” is inscribed on the pedestal of the monument.

It is worth noting that this is the second monument to the Russian General in the southern districts of Odessa region. The first was opened in the district of Tarutino.

Earlier in Bolgrad district of Odessa region previously recovered dismantled statues of Lenin and Kalinin.

In Poltava desecrated the monument to Peter I