In Boryspil, people spend half the day waiting for a flight to Egypt under the supervision of the police

В Борисполе люди полдня ждали рейса в Египет под присмотром полиции

Angry passengers tried to block the gate

To calm the angry passengers, the airport authority had to call the police with guns.

At Boryspil airport on Thursday, July 19, almost ten hours delayed flight 4421 QU EN route from Kiev to Hurghada. At the same time people were scared of police with guns, reports the Informant.

It is noted that the aircraft of the airline Air Azur was supposed to depart at 02:00, but the flight was constantly postponed.

As one of the tourists, who had expected the aircraft first flight was delayed three hours and departure was scheduled at 05:00. Calls people to the tour operator Anex Tour, which organized this flight, they answered that the transfer is associated with the optimization of the charts.



Around 05:00 when the tourists and the crew was already waiting for the supply plane, they were approached by a representative of the airline Air Azur and announced that the flight is postponed at least for half an hour. After that angry passengers tried to block the gate in the hope that they will tell you when is the flight. To pacify the angry people and release the gate, the airport authority had to call the police with guns.

“Around 8:45 people brought water and sandwiches. Also, the passengers wrote a statement to the airline about the incident. As of 11:45 boarding. 4421 finished. People after nearly ten hours of waiting, finally flew to Hurghada,” – said in the message.

The airline Anex Tour has not commented on the incident at Boryspil airport.

Earlier in a similar situation got passengers at the airport in Kyiv. There more than a day could not fly a few thousand people. The culprit of the incident became controversial airline Bravo Airways.

We will remind, in April, more than 200 tourists from Ukraine was stuck for a few days at the airport in Sharm El-Sheikh. The situation had to intervene, the foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

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