In Boyarka dismantled the monument to Korchagin

В Боярке демонтировали памятник Корчагину

The Statue Of Pavel Korchagin

City Council hawthorn removed the statue of Pavel Korchagin in the framework of the law on decommunization. A week ago this was demanded at a rally of local residents.

In the Kiev region in Boyarka today, March 20, dismantled the monument to Pavel Korchagin, who is the main character of the novel by Nikolai Ostrovsky “How the steel was tempered”. This was reported in the Boyar city Council, reports UNN.

“It is not demolished. This city Council is very appropriate and civilized Korchagin took the monument in accordance with the decision on de-communization. They took him away already in the space,” – said at city hall.

As noted, the monument was dismantled on March 20 about 11:00.

“A week ago where people were going, the city Council made a promise that within weeks it will be dismantled. It was fulfilled”, – noted in the Department of the city Council.

В Боярке демонтировали памятник Корчагину



We will remind, in the city of Berdichev Zhytomyr region unknown destroyed a memorial plaque on the monument to General Nikolai Vatutin.

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