In Boyarka drunk surgeon took the kids.

В Боярке пьяный хирург принимал детей - соцсети

The scandal has already responded to the Ministry of health.

In regional children’s hospital in Boyarka (Kyiv region), a drunken doctor saw patients. This was announced on his page in Facebook Vladimir Rodikov, which was brought to the hospital with my daughter.

“The younger Anastasia sick stomach, vomiting, temperature. Was brought to the Kiev regional children’s hospital in Boyarka. And then celebrate – celebrate the old new year. Surgeon not bark knits. Drunk in drabadan. Him, they say, the symptoms are not needed, and him, see, you need to make contact with the child,” wrote Rodikov.

According to him, arrived on call police tried to take the doctor to the psychiatrist, but he refused. “Arguing that it is urgently necessary to take the child with nausea, fever and abdominal pain… and fume at him, and this condition is from the fact that they have one edge of the branch paint and he inhaled acetone,” wrote Rodikov.

He also said that he wrote a statement to the police. In addition he reacted to the situation and the Ministry of health. “Yesterday, I immediately called from Ulany Suprun. I think there’s already know,” added Rodikov.

Earlier in Kiev surgeon Dmitry Kozlov refused to do the surgery 50-year-old woman from Donetsk for political reasons.