In “BPP” considering the candidacy of Groysman, as head of the party, but the Prime Minister has not yet made a decision

В "БПП" рассматривают кандидатуру Гройсмана в качестве главы партии, но премьер еще не принял решение

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman

In “BPP” consider the candidacy of the head of the government Volodymyr Groysman, as head of the party, but the Prime Minister has not yet made a decision. About this in comments to the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine”, said zamglavy of the faction “BPP” Alexey Goncharenko.

“Klitschko, as a public servant, cannot lead the party, and Groisman and members of the Cabinet can. One of the potential candidates. but, as I understand it, he did not take another decision. All will decide the Congress party,” – said Goncharenko.

We will remind, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko wrote the application for addition of powers of the Chairman of the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko “Solidarity” in may last year. The statement should consider the political Council, and further procedure, the decision should be taken by the Congress, which elects the Chairman of the party, and agrees to the addition of the credentials. BPP have not removed the powers of the head of the party with Klitschko.

We will remind, on may 1, 2016 in Ukraine entered into force the law on civil service. The act includes the following reform innovations: introduction for all positions in the public service will occur only through competition on the basis of personal qualities and achievements of candidates for positions, excludes any corruption mechanisms at the admission and passage of the public service, public service will become de-politicised, this will be a transparent model of remuneration tailored to European experience and introduced the competence model of human resource management, assessment of work results of civil servants, their career motivation, increasing qualification requirements.

It is also worth to remind that Klitschko was elected head of the BPP instead of Yuri Lutsenko during a Congress in August 2015.

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