In Brazil, a judge has removed nine players

В Бразилии судья удалил девять футболистов

The judge has removed nine players and stopped the match for lack of players

A mass brawl led first to five and then to four deletions. The match, held in the framework of the championship of the state of Bahia, had to finish due to the lack of players on the field.

In Brazil, a referee stopped a football match after sent off nine players, reports Reuters.

The incident occurred in the championship of the state of Bahia between the teams of Vitoria and Bahia. When the guests equalized with a penalty (1:1) on the field was a mass brawl between players, resulting in five players from both clubs went to the locker room (three players and two guests from the owners).

However, the ardor of the athletes has not subsided, and in a few minutes was followed by two penalties – one for each team.

13 minutes from the end of normal playing time in Vitoria lost another two players, and, as the field was only six players of the club, the referee was forced to stop the match.

The decision on the result of the meeting, and sanctions will be made later.


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