In Britain discovered a huge asteroid crater

В Британии обнаружен огромный астероидный кратер

On Earth found a huge crater

The ancient crater was formed about 1.2 billion years ago and is the largest in Britain.

At Oxford and Aberdeen universities, experts have found an ancient giant crater left by the asteroid. It is reported by Science Alert.

The crater turned to find geographical distribution of the stones ejected after the collision of cosmic bodies with the Earth’s surface.

The researchers note that the speed of the asteroid was about 60 thousand kilometers per hour. This cataclysm was the cause of the crater with a width of 14 to 20 kilometers. In our time it is at a depth of 200 meters and is partially hidden by marine sediments.

Scientists say that this crater was formed after the fall to earth of a large asteroid about 1.2 billion years ago. It’s outer body is the largest ever falling in Britain. It is located on the seabed between Scotland and Outer Hebrides Islands.

Yesterday it was reported that the Earth is approaching a large asteroid. Also the Correspondent wrote that was obtained by the flown past Earth double asteroid.

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