In Britain, estimate how many will bring the country the wedding of Prince

В Британии подсчитали, сколько принесет стране свадьба принца

Wedding Prince Harry may additionally bring about 500 million pounds.

The wedding of Britain’s Prince Harry, American actress Meghan Markle can optionally provide 500 million pounds for the UK economy, reports Reuters.

According to the office for national statistics, wedding older brother Harry Prince William in April 2011 led to the increase in the number of visitors to the UK for 350 thousand compared to the same month of the previous year. This economic effect is expected now. Overall, it is estimated that the wedding of Prince may additionally bring about 500 million pounds.

According to preliminary estimates, about 200 million pounds will come from tourism, another 150 million pounds people spend on parties and celebrations, about 50 million will be spent on t-shirts, caps and other commemorative items. Approximately £ 100 million to bring advertising in the UK around the world.

Recall, Prince Harry announced his engagement with actress Meghan Markle 27 Nov 2017. The wedding is planned for may 19 at Windsor castle, where lived the British kings and Queens for almost a thousand years. The couple will live at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace.