In Britain, expect a shortage of fruit due to cold weather

В Британии ожидают дефицит фруктов из-за холодов

The harvest in some farms may be reduced by 70-80%.

British farmers believe that a sharp drop in recorded temperature in April, may lead to a shortage of local apples, pears and plums. About it writes the Guardian with reference to the statement of farmers.

According to the Chairman of the National farmers Union in the UK (National Farmers Union, NFU) Alison Capper, the harvest in some farms may be reduced by 70-80%.

English winemakers have reported “catastrophic” damage. Despite attempts of workers to protect crops with the help of heaters and fires, the April frost destroyed at least half of the grapes.

If the effect of the poor harvest of grapes, consumers will be able to feel until 2018, the deficit of fruit will happen this summer. According to farmers accurately assess the damage can only be made when the fruit begins to form.

The driest winter in the last 20 years also can harm livestock farms, as the expected shortage of fodder crops.

As noted by Capper, the rains in may and June can help to recover some cultures, however, can harm the harvest of barley, wheat and sugar beet.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine, about 30% of the fruit crop can be lost due to unusually cold weather in April and may.

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