In Bukovel group races over CHU in Cycling

В Буковеле групповыми гонками закончился ЧУ по велоспорту

In men, the champion of Ukraine was Vitaly Buts, and women – Evgenia Vysotskaya.

In Bukovel group race at men finished the championship of Ukraine in Cycling. And it ended exactly as it should have been – a victory of the strongest. The winning team Kolss.

Everyone knew that the team Kolss head and shoulders above all the rest. And they decided not to postpone it indefinitely, and already on the first lap broke the group into splinters. Left reigning champion Alexander polivoda and Andrew Bratusek and Alexander Connection. On the second lap to them shift and Vitaliy Buts, and in the middle of the race a little behind the Connection. Already then it became obvious that the three Buts-Bratusek-polivoda will compete for the medals. The question was only, who is it?

В Буковеле групповыми гонками закончился ЧУ по велоспорту

The sensation did not happen – the three finished together, and Vitaliy Buts without a fight and took their second championship title (he first won the championship in 2014). The fourth was also a racer, Kyiv team Andriy Vasylyuk. But the fifth is quite unexpectedly finished under Anatoly Budyak. In his age category a few days ago he was second, but now he was by far the strongest of all Ander. A great achievement for the young rider.

The results of the group race among men:

1. Vitaliy Buts (Kiev, Kolss) – 5:37:49
2. Andrew Bratusek (Kiev, Kolss) +0:00
3. Oleksandr polivoda (MIH-I, Kolss) +0:00
4. Andriy Vasylyuk (Kiev, Kolss) +3:52
5. Anatoly Budyak (Donetsk ISD) +3:52
6. Alexander Connection (Kiev, Kolss) +6:27

In women before the start of the race it was obvious that the victory will fight three races: reigning champion Yevgeny Popov and Tatyana Ryabchenko and Anna Nightingale. They occupied the podium in last year and this year in race with separate start on Tuesday.

I have to say – the predictions come true, but not 100% as Anna Solovey took only 6th place. “I felt worse today than Tuesday. On the first lap I had a puncture, but really it had no effect on the final result. Not just pulled, the first 5 athletes were stronger. The day to day. Will soon go on the stage race in the Czech Republic, there will be cutting. May be able to show a good result,” commented medalist of the world championship-2014 Anna Nightingale.

Well, for gold expected, a struggle between Evgenia Vysotskaya and Tatiana Ryabchenko. On the third lap they were gone from everyone and it became clear that they will compete for the gold. Last year Vysotskaya managed to go from Ryabchenko on the last climb and finish in splendid isolation. This year Tatiana was able to answer all the attacks experienced Vysotskaya and on the top of the climb they were together. So together they came to the finish line, but there Vysotskaya better went into the last turn and it brought her victory. Evgenia Vysotskaya second consecutive year, becoming the absolute champion in Bukovel, winning and cutting and group race.

В Буковеле групповыми гонками закончился ЧУ по велоспорту

Well, third place was taken by Olga Shekel, for her first podium of the Championships of Ukraine.Note that on the same day last race and girls-juniors and again very confident win with a large margin won by Olga Kulinich, which at the moment is absolutely the strongest Junior of the country.

The results of the group race among women:

1. Yevgeniya Vysotska (Odessa region) – 3:27:45
2. Tetiana Ryabchenko (Zhytomyr region) + 0.05
3. Olga Shekel (Zhytomyr region) +4:05

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