In Bukovina car was hit by a cart with a horse.

На Буковине авто сбило телегу с конем, есть жертвы

Responsible for deadly crash says he was blinded by counter transport

The accident occurred in the village of Kostychany. The collision killed 35-year-old passenger carts.

In the village of Kostychany Chernivtsi region car collided with a cart. Eyewitnesses report about it in the community chernivtsigram in the network Instagram, the website of the city of Chernivtsi.

“On a scene police officers have established that 24-the summer driver of the minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter collided with a cart running 55-year-old resident of the district.

At the time of the accident, the cart moved ahead in the passing direction. According to the driver of the van, he was blinded by oncoming traffic and he had not time to notice the obstacle,” according to local police.

Resulting from collision injuries, 35-year-old passenger carts and the horse died at the scene. According to the results of medical examination of the drivers of both vehicles at the time of the accident was sober.

On this fact investigators began criminal proceedings as regards 2 articles 286 (Violation of traffic safety or transport operation by the persons operating vehicles) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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#DPCE Zbilje horse in Seli, Kostychany. Speaking, what time iz frmdom, latest also died in the f… Deal ustanovlyuvalysya… . Photo and video from @rockift

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Earlier it was reported that in Kiev a car crashed into the underpass and smashed into a post, the driver hospitalized.

And the day before in the capital, an accident happened with a car of people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko.


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