In Bukovina faced two minibuses.

На Буковине столкнулись два микроавтобуса, есть жертвы

One of the wrecked Mercedes-Benz vans

The accident killed the woman driver of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. In hospital hospitalized 8-year-old girl.

In Chernivtsi region in the village Ridkivtsi clash of two vans. In the death of 55-year-old woman, the number of victims is established. About it reports regional management of national police on Wednesday, February 6.

“Today, 18:22, the police received a message that in Ridkivtsi village, novoselytskyi district was a collision of two minibuses and private Mercedes-Benz Sprinter passenger Mercedes-Benz Vario message Chernivtsi-Toporivtsi. The accident killed 55-year-old female driver of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the hospital delivered her 8-year-old passenger,” – said in the message.

At the scene working investigatory-operative group. The question of admission of other participants of the accident.

“Workers sector response patrol police services branch of transport. Militiamen establish the reasons and circumstances of road accidents and persons injured,” added the police.

Yesterday at the entrance to the KPVV Marinka in the Donetsk region faced cars Lanos and Chevrolet. In this accident, six people were killed and three more were injured.

Earlier near Kiev faced truck and military truck. The truck cab was completely crushed. His driver managed to escape only with the help of the military.

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