In Bukovina found a dangerous disease

На Буковине обнаружили опасную болезнь

Sochi rabies found in dog

In Zastavna Chernivtsi region recorded two cases of human rabies: from dogs and cattle.

In Chernivtsi region last week found two cases of human rabies. This is with reference to the chief of regional management of Gospodarevskaya Alexandruk Alexander reports on Monday, November 19, the local edition

In particular, it is noted that in Zastavna dangerous disease found in dogs, and in one of the villages in the area have cattle.

“The main carriers of the disease are foxes. It’s cold outside, so they often visit human homes in search of food, where can bite a watchdog. Now we have an agreement with hunters who soon begin to shoot foxes,” – said Alexandruk.

According to him, the main signs of illness in dogs are aggression, they become restless, unable to pounce on the owner, and then begin to refuse water.

As reported, the rabies vaccine in the Chernivtsi region is now already 83 vaccinated thousands of dogs.

It is also known that patients with rabies foxes are not afraid of people, can even come close and flippers, and then bite.

Earlier in Kharkov the woman bitten by rabid stray cat. The diagnosis is laboratory confirmed.

It was also reported that in the Lvov area died 68-year-old woman who contracted rabies after being bitten own dog. It was the first case of human infection with rabies in the region over the past 11 years.

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