In Bulgaria are unable to form a new government

В Болгарии не смогли сформировать новое правительство

Negotiations Reformist bloc (faction in the Parliament of Bulgaria) with other political parties on the issue of forming a new government (instead of the Cabinet, which resigned, under the leadership of Boyko Borisov) ended inconclusively. This was stated by co-Chairman of the parliamentary faction of reformers Found Zelenogorski, UKRINFORM reported.

“During the negotiations with our partners in the Parliament – GERB (Citizens for European development of Bulgaria) and the Patriotic front was not achieved consensus on priority areas: reform of the judiciary and strengthening anti-corruption legislation”, – said Zelenogorski.

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He also stated that on Wednesday, December 21, will return to the President Roseno Plevneliev the mandate to form a new government, and expressed hope that the parties that will be included in the new composition of the national Assembly (the Bulgarian Parliament) will be able to find common ground in the formation of the Cabinet.

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Previously, from the formation of the government refused the party GERB and the Bulgarian socialist party.

Thus, all attempts of forming a new Cabinet is settled. Under the law, the elected President of Bulgaria rumen Radv after taking office on 22 January 2017 must appoint a caretaker government, dissolve the Parliament and appoint early elections.

According to preliminary data, elections in the people’s Assembly could be held in late March – early April 2017.

As reported, the government of Bulgaria under the leadership of Boyko Borisov resigned after winning the presidential election as an independent candidate, major-General in the resignation of rumen Radeva.