In calculating wages, the players of Dinamo did not find violations of media

В начислении зарплат футболистам Динамо не нашли нарушений – СМИ

The Dynamo officially receive wages from 13 to 20 thousand hryvnia per month

The players of Dynamo Kiev low official salary – from 13 to 20 thousand hryvnia per month.

The calculation of official salaries of players and coaches Dynamo Kiev and paying her taxes occur without violations. These are the results of unscheduled inspection which was conducted by the employees of the State fiscal service.

On Friday, October 19, reports Ukrainska Pravda, which has received the response of the SFS to the request.

“The results of the inspection in terms of accrual, withholding and payment of taxes and levies on wages paid to individuals, not established”, – is spoken in the message of the SFS.

Earlier, media reported that the players of Dinamo low official salary – from 13 to 20 thousand hryvnia per month.

Last week, the Metropolitan club released the amount of taxes for the year 2017. Total amount of taxes paid Dynamo is 85 million. Moreover, the tax to incomes of physical persons (NDFL) – 10 million UAH.

Single social contribution (ERU) to Dinamo was paid 12 million for last year. Military training – 830 thousand hryvnias.

For comparison, in the official statements of the miner for the 2017/2018 year personal income tax is 357 million hryvnias, and ERUs 473 million. Military tax the miner paid almost 30 million.

Shakhtar and Dynamo is the only Ukrainian clubs that disclose their tax statements.

Earlier, former Dynamo President Surkis said that the Kiev football club is not for sale. So he responded to the rumors that appeared willing to buy Dynamo.

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