In Canada, hackers broke into Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS, in front of hundreds of spectators

В Канаде хакеры взломали ОС Microsoft и Apple MacOS на глазах у сотен зрителей

In the annual competition hackers Pwn2Own 2017 in Vancouver, Canada team of researchers in the field of information security in front of hundreds of spectators hacked operating systems Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS. It is reported by eWEEK.

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On the first day of testing the team Qihoo360 hacked MacOS, finding a gap in the core and having access to confidential information. For this, the researchers got 10 thousand dollars. from a total prize Fund in 1 million dollars. The same amount went to the team Chaitin Security Research Lab, which was able to hack the MacOS with another vulnerability.

The Windows operating system hacked by the experts from 360 Security teams, and Team Sniper. Each of them earned 15 thousand dollars.

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For a fee of 55 thousand dollars. researchers from the Team Sniper and Sword Team hacked the Microsoft Edge, and Chaitin Security team found a vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox. 360 Security got 35 thousand dollars. for hacking Safari.

Pwn2Own is an annual event for hackers in 2007 held in the framework of the conference on information security CanSecWest. The participants had a limited time to hack a certain device or program, then in exchange for cash consideration to provide the vulnerability to the manufacturer.

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