In Canada hockey players scored a 310 penalty minutes in one match

В Канаде хоккеисты набрали 310 минут штрафа в одном матче

The fight between the teams Acadia and ax-man St. Francis Xavier

According to the results of the mass brawl 13 players, and the coaches have been suspended until the end of the match. Total penalty time was 310 minutes.

In Canada hockey match between student teams of the League ax-man Acadia and St. Francis Xavier ended in a mass brawl. About it reports the Left coast on Tuesday, February 5.

It is noted that the fight started after the faceoff the puck in the centre circle in the middle of the third period.

“Two players at the faceoff was approached by three is a crowd. The disparity in the quantitative composition clearly did not like players are one of the teams, and away they went wall to wall. Fight it flared up, then faded, until the fighting moves to the side. Then the carnage blossomed with new colors”, – stated in the message.

The fight was attended not only by those on the benches the players, but also coaches.

In the end, eight players on the team-hostess, the five guests, as well as the mentors has been suspended until the end of the match, and the total penalty time was 310 minutes.

The match ended with the victory of the Acadia with the score 6:3.

Earlier it was reported that in Canada, the players of the hockey team Parkland Rangers from the city of Dauphin in Manitoba put on to the game’s youth League team against the Thrashers shape, stylized Ukrainian embroidery. The match was called Ukrainian night.

It was also reported that during the match the American hockey League between the clubs Horse and Binghamton fans threw on the ice for almost 35 thousand soft toys, setting a new record.

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