In Canada, the man fought a Cougar to save his dog

В Канаде мужчина сразился с пумой, чтобы спасти свою собаку

In Canada, the man rescued his dog from attacking her in the street pumas. About it reports the local edition of Global News.

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It is noted that on the way to work 31-year-old canadian William Gibb stopped to have coffee with his brother. The dog he was released from the car. 30 seconds later he heard an animal yelping.

“I popped up and saw something black wrapped around my dog. I don’t even know what it was, approached the animal and was hit in the head. Then I saw it was a Cougar, and thought, “What the hell, where?” – the man told.

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When a mountain lion briefly retreated, the canadian seized his husky left hand and the right swung to the predator. For some time he scared off the animal with shouts and noise, then the brother called him, and they went to a veterinary clinic, you must inform the appropriate service about a wild animal.

The canadian was not injured in the encounter with the Cougar, not counting the scratches on her wrists. The dog received some wounds, but is recovering quickly.

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The Cougar was later caught and euthanized.