In Caracas during the night, 10 people were killed in the looting after protests

В Каракасе за ночь погибли 10 человек при грабежах после акций протеста

About 10 people were killed in the night near Parroquia del Valle of Caracas, Venezuela, as a result of the looting that began after a massive protest March, reports Universal.

According to the portal, up to eight robbers were killed by electric shock while trying to Rob a bakery. Two more were shot dead, including the owner of the shop, tried to resist the robbers.

Earlier it was reported more than five wounded in the night of Friday as a result of the looting that started after a mass protest in Caracas. According to media reports, late on Thursday evening in a district Parroquia del Valle began to descend, people from nearby underprivileged “Barrios” and Rob in there outlets.

Security forces began to harass these people started shooting and the robbers also shot at the police. All the robberies have involved up to 200 people. To protect a large shopping centre nearby, the national guard drove a few light armored vehicles. In the end, the guard used tear gas.

We will remind, armed groups attacked a hospital in Venezuela, which houses 54 children.

Earlier it was reported that since the protests in Venezuela the death toll has reached seven.

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