In Cherkasy a fortnight extinguish a fire on the moor

На Черкасщине полмесяца тушат пожар на торфяниках

In Cherkasy region are burning peat

In Cherkasy region continue to burn pockets of peat in the area of 15 hectares.

Rescuers 16th day extinguish a fire on the moor near the village Irdyn, Cherkassy region. On Tuesday, October 3, according to the regional Department of the State service for emergency situations.

So, as of 10:00 3 Oct managed to liquidate ignition on the area in 36 hectares. Continue to burn pockets of peat in the area of 15 hectares.

It is noted that the elimination of fire involved forces and means in Cherkasy consolidated unit, fire and special equipment Belozersky and Dubenskogo forestry, fire brigades, local fire brigade and the Ministry of defence, GP Cherkasytara.

All on-site work 36 units and 110 professionals. Created 5 operational areas, operates 42 fire barrel.

Representatives of forestry with the help of tractors carried out the bonding of the soil to prevent the spread of fire and created the reclamation of the strip around dangerous areas.

Bulldozers carried out the work on the embankment and reclamation of peat fires. To create another operational station paved clearing, on which laid a special trunk line.





We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the Cherkassy region have introduced emergency mode because of burning peat.