In Cherkasy region teenagers have crushed a cemetery

В Черкасской области подростки разгромили кладбище

The incident occurred at the cemetery of the village Verbovets’

Juvenile vandals were not able to explain their actions. Six tombstones were damaged beyond repair.

In Cherkasy region, two teenagers staged a pogrom at the cemetery of a village in the Katerynopil district. Said this yesterday, the regional Directorate of national police.

It is noted that law enforcement officers received reports from residents of one of area villages that in the local cemetery damaged in about 15 graves.

“The audit found that the graves were toppled monuments and crosses. In a survey of possible witnesses, police learned that according to the criminal offences involved two young local resident”, – stated in the message.

In turn, the local edition of the News of Cherkasy region writes that the massacre at the cemetery in the village of Verbovets ‘ involved three teenagers – two boys for 11 years, one 14 years. Their actions, they can not explain. It is also reported that six tombstones cannot be restored.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings under the article about the desecration of a grave or dead body (part 3 of article 297 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Earlier it became known that in Kiev region drunk kids trashed the cemetery. Boys aged 9 to 13 years, stole metal pipes and turned them in point of reception of scrap metal. On the received money they bought brandy, after which they “wanted to have fun”.

And in Kharkov teenagers smashed benches in the Park and filmed this video.

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