In Chernigov found the apartment where the money went on transfers for Yarmolenko

В Чернигове нашли квартиру, куда ушли деньги по трансферу за Ярмоленко

In Chernihiv stole money received by the sports school for selling Yarmolenko

The Prosecutor’s office of Chernihiv already opened criminal proceedings for fraud in especially large sizes.

Ukrainian journalist Andriy Pavlovsky found a fictitious apartment in the city of Chernihiv, where the football club Dinamo by the contract of solidarity transferred 150 thousand euros for the transfer of Andriy Yarmolenko in German Dortmund. The owner of the apartment and the head of the NGO refused to be interviewed, but agreed to meet with reporters. Shooting was conducted a hidden camera, said Pavlovsky on his page in Facebook.

Note, the payment was supposed to go to a specialized children-youth school of Olympic reserve Youth, where Yarmolenko was studied from 1997 to 2006. But 150 thousand euros on the basis of forged documents was listed one of the NGOs of the title tune, which relation to the education of the football player has not.

According to the journalist, the head of this public organization Alexander Saleh admitted that he had involved the former management of the Chernihiv school sports Youth in the transfer to him of all documents to receive money.

“I even honestly, my Dynamo has brought, it is very difficult now…I can, you know, the football club is very close, and somehow it all came together,” said Saleh.

He also said he would take the blame: “All for themselves. I even will give the term. But I’m gonna take the very serious people. When people fall into the bushes, I will speak the truth and only the truth.”

Earlier, the Metropolitan police detained the two housing cheats who cheated 400 people.


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