In Chernigov found the stolen monument to Pushkin and Kotsyubinskoe

В Чернигове нашли украденные памятники Пушкину и Коцюбинскому

Monument To Mikhail Kotsiubynsky

Both monuments have disappeared from their seats in December.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Kotsiubynsky, who had previously been kidnapped in Chernihiv were found. On 4 January, Deputy mayor of Chernihiv Oleksandr Lomako on the page in Facebook.

According to Lomax about the discovery said the mayor Vladislav Atroshenko during the morning meeting.

Until there are investigative actions, items in the mayor’s office was not disclosed.

According to Lomax, these monuments were never protected, “neither Soviet nor tsarist authorities, either at the time of independence”. A municipal guard has a staff of about 20 people and were created for other purposes, so you can protect individual objects.

According to local publication Sivershchyna, monument Kotsyubinskoe is not the balance of any one local authority. And the monument to Pushkin belongs to the local management of housing and its cost is estimated at 316 UAH.

As reported, the bust of Pushkin was not in place on Sunday morning, December 31. And stokilogrammovye bronze monument kotsyubinskogo was stolen in the middle of December.