In Chernihiv killed a lioness that attacked man

На Черниговщине убили львицу, напавшую на человека

A lioness has escaped from the cage

The lioness attacked a worker and escaped from the circus.

Night March 15 in the Priluki police Department contacted the administrator of the circus which is on tour in Priluki, and reported the escape of a lioness. About it tells the press service of the national police in the region.

As reported by the administrator through an oversight of the personnel cage with a two-year predator weighing more than 100 kilograms was unlocked. When the workers tried to drive the beast back, the lioness jumped on one of them and was bitten on the lower leg, damaging large vessels. After that, she jumped over the fence and ran away.

To protect the life and health of the residents of Priluki, the police leadership has attracted the most experienced local hunter to neutralize a dangerous animal.

In the private sector at Pushkin street militiamen found a lioness that attacked a dog and it created a real threat to the life and health of people. Police cordoned off the sector, which dropped by a lioness, and limited traffic on adjacent streets.

With the permission of the owner of the manor and owner of the animal, the hunter shot the lion with a hunting rifle.

Now in Priluki is on tour famous circus Kobzov program Angels circus.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Egypt during the performance lion attacked the trainer.

In Sicily the tiger escaped from the circus and walked the streets