In Chernihiv region demolished a bust Vatutina

В Черниговской области снесли бюст Ватутина

The nationalists pushed the bust Vatutin

The Soviet commander bust from the pedestal in the village of Novi borovychi dumped the representatives of the organization Sokol.

In Novi borovychi village of Chernihiv region, representatives of nationalist organizations of the Falcon dropped from the pedestal the bust of the Soviet commander Nikolai Vatutin. This was reported in Facebook the regional branch of the organization.

It noted that the Ukrainian Institute of national memory the name of street included in the list of persons involved in the fight against independence of Ukraine, the Holodomor and political repression.

Remind them that the greatest crime of the commander is the death of 400 000 Soviet soldiers and civilians during the crossing of the Dnieper and the assault of German fortifications on Bukrinsky bridgehead (near Kiev) in 1943.

В Черниговской области снесли бюст Ватутина

Earlier it was reported that in Cherkasy region unknown damaged a monument to Hetman Petro Sahaidachny.

And in Kharkov threw debris a memorable sign to soldiers of the UPA.

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