In Chernihiv region the man with the axe attacked the Prosecutor

В Черниговской области мужчина с топором напал на прокурора

The attacker was detained

The woman was hospitalized and prepped for surgery.

In the Chernihiv regional Prosecutor’s office a man with an axe attacked the employee of the institution. The incident occurred at about 10.30 am on Tuesday, October 10, reports the local edition ЧЕline.

According to the newspaper, the man constantly complained about the work of the office and made an appointment to female Prosecutor. On reception the man under the clothes carried a small axe and struck the woman in her office.

The woman was hospitalized, her condition is severe and prepped for surgery.

The forward (50-year-old man, earlier not the offender) was arrested and is in Chernihiv city police Department.

Earlier in Zaporozhye the patrol police had to open fire on the man who rushed at them with an axe.