In Chernivtsi demolished a monument to Soviet writer

В Черновцах снесли памятник советскому писателю

What remains of the monument to Maxim Gorky in Chernivtsi

In Chernivtsi dismantled the monument to the Soviet writer Maxim Gorky. In its place they want to establish a monument to the local politician.

In Sadgora on the outskirts of Chernivtsi dismantled the monument to the Soviet writer Maxim Gorky, who supported the Bolsheviks. This was stated by the local historian Dmitry sirman, said on Wednesday, November 14, the local edition of ass.

It is known that the monument was erected in the 50-60-ies of the 20th century.

“In 2016 in the context of de-communization was the corresponding order of the city Council on the demolition of this monument. The work was conducted the trust of green economy” – said local historian.

According to him, Bitter has nothing to Chernivtsi and Sadgora in particular.



“However, we would like to erect a monument to the founder of the Sadgora next year, when the district will celebrate 250 years. There is already a decision of the Executive Committee, according to which the Society of Gartenberg should hold a competition for the construction of the monument Sadagursky coin or Baron Peter Nicholas Gartenberg-Sadagursky, who is the founder of the area”, – said sirman.

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